Erica Caswell from Yorkshire Dales Sailing Club nominated me and I was selected for RYA North East REGION Champion 2018.

This means I now have to go to the RYA dinghy show on the 3rd of March to pick up the award.

So looking forward to this and we as a family are going to stay the weekend in London.


RYA Regional Youth Champion Awards

Beth Miller was the first-placed girl at the RS Tera Pro World Championships [RS Games in Weymouth Portland, August 2018] and an impressive second overall sailing in the 66-strong fleet.

Beth started sailing in the RS Tera Sport class in 2014 at the age of 10, her first competition a handful of days later being the Regatta Fleet of the 2014 National Championships at Derwent Reservoir Sailing Club, where she finished a comfortable last! Until late Spring 2017, Beth was involved in county level basketball [representing North Yorkshire as well as her school across the country] as well as sailing. Knowing she could not split her time across both, she turned her focus to her true passion of sailing. She appreciated that she was a long way behind her peers but displayed a tremendous work ethic and real determination to succeed. At Yorkshire Dales Sailing Club [YDSC], Beth and her training partner, Esme Barraclough, put in many long days practice, often casting lonely figures on the landscape, keen to get as many hours practice on the water as possible. Beth has worked hard at every aspect of her racing over the last couple of years, [reflected in her progressive and impressive set of results listed below] and has now moved from the RS Tera Pro fleet into the RS Feva, where she has been selected for the RYA Zone Feva Squad.  Beth has become even more determined and is now facing the challenge of working as a team whilst coming to grips with a new boat class. I am positive she will be just as successful in the RS Feva as she has been in the RS Tera.  Beth is probably one of the most determined and courageous junior sailors we have had at YDSC. She continually works hard with enthusiasm and passion always on display and very much emulates every aspect of British Youth Sailings values. In my mind, Beth clearly deserves this award.

2018 Results:

1st Girl: RS Tera World Championships 

2nd Overall: RS Tera World Championships 

2nd Girl: RS Tera Start of Seasons

3rd Girl: RS Tera Inland Nationals

16th: RS Tera Nationals

More information: